aeropec is a producer of high quality defoamers according to EU and US regulatory and environmental requirements. aeropec provides defoaming solutions to many industries including: mining, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, wastewater, paint, ink, agriculture, fermentation, vegetable processing, metalworking and more. In addition to surface defoaming properties aeropec defoamers can include deairation properties. By proper design and selection of a defoamer, special emphasis can be put on either deairation or defoaming. Read More


aeropec Incorporation ('aeropec') is a young company. It has grown to become a leading defoamer producer with annual sales in 2014 of over 2.5 million KGS worldwide. aeropec headquarter is located in Czech republic and monitors our production and marketing network. In addition to the aeropec brand,we work tightly with biggest chemical supplier to produce under their brand ("private label") using aeropec broad technological knowledge and experience. aeropec continue to bring new technologies and products to the markets we serve and to work collaboratively with our customers. Read More

What's New?

aeropec™ will launch it innovative, patent pending technology, aeropec™ 385 at the 18th China International Cement Industry Exhibition at Nanjing

  [...] Read More

aeropec will introduces at CHINACOAT 2015 its innovative 320™ series for superiour industrial coating applications

aeropec defoaming technology will introduce two (2) additional products to its 300™ coating and ink product line. the new 320™ series includes: aeropec 321™ a mineral oil-based product utilizing multiple hydrophobe technologies, is a highly effective, water-dispersible foam control agent for paints and coatings, graphic arts [...] Read More

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